As of 13th April, the routes of the direct services from Malaga to Cartama and El Sexmo will be extended to include the terminus at Muelle Heredia.

The Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium informs passengers that the proposed extension of the routes of services M-131, M-146 and M-147 to Muelle Heredia Bus Terminus, along with the introduction of a new Malaga – El Sexmo – Cartama service (M-148), will be approved at a meeting of its executive committee on 10th April, with the changes coming into effect as of 13th April.

This will not affect the number of trips between Málaga and Cártama, which will remain exactly the same as before. However, the timetable for this service will now be extended, with buses running between 06:50 and 20:50 (departing from Málaga, Monday to Friday, except public holidays) and between 07:00 and 21:40 (departing from  Cártama, Monday to Friday, except public holidays). On Saturdays, the service will also be extended to 21:45 in both directions.

These measures follow the discontinuation of the VJA-061 service provided by the Herederos de Francisco Olmedo Gutiérrez (spanish version) bus company, which previously linked Malaga with Campanillas, Santa Rosalia/Maqueda and El Sexmo.

The new/extended services are as follows:

  • M-131 Málaga – Cártama: this service will start from the Muelle Heredia Bus Terminus in the centre of Malaga. The “Bus Station” stop will be replaced by “Vialia”, situated opposite Maria Zambrano Railway Station.
  • M-148 Málaga – El Sexmo – Cártama: this newly-created service will run between Mondays and Saturdays (except public holidays), following the same route as bus M-131 but now including the district of El Sexmo. The total number of trips made by the M-131 and M-148 services will be the same as currently provided (13 per day between Monday and Friday and 12 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).
  • M-146 Cártama – El Sexmo – Teatinos – Málaga: the route of this service will be extended to include both the district of El Sexmo and the Muelle Heredia Bus Terminus, where the service will begin and end.
  • M-147 Malaga – Teatinos – Cártama: leaving from Muelle Heredia Bus Terminus, the timetable for this service will be put back from 21:30 to 21:40.

As of 13th April 2014, the remaining districts within the city of Málaga served by the M-130 and M-134 buses will be covered by Empresa Malagueña de Transportes (EMT) services, specifically bus numbers 19 (Paseo del Parque – Campanillas – Maqueda, via Avenida Ortega y Gasset) and 25 (Paseo del Parque – Campanillas – Maqueda).